Star map for EVE Online



Displays New Eden cluster's star systems, constellations and regions with basic details.
Multiple map instances can be launched. Instances are independent of each other.
Map is zoomable.
Search for star systems.
Jump gate assignments and import and export in JSON-format.
Route fetching from ESI API and route display on map, including routes via jump gates. Multiple routes can exist on map simultaneously.
System avoidance list for routing.


Windows 10 and 11. About 200 MB of RAM for single map instance.


v. 0.1.4 (uploaded 2022-03-13)
From Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.
SHA256 checksum: f6a079193caeb5570563d5ae2782e0cb669d7e490246657c8581a0253c30f265

Development environment

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022, C#, WPF, .NET Framework 4.8, SQLite.


Application is in early stage of development.

Licenses and copyrights

Application is free to download and use.
EVE Online Developer License Agreement


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